Art in Art Basel

Visiting Art Basel HK certainly whets the appetite for more good art.  While the event has had extensive online coverage, seeing the artworks personally is a different experience altogether.

art basel HK- whilemakingart

The show had its share of popular names –  like a boxing painting by Ushio Shinohara, the Genesis book that features the photography of Sebastiao Salgado (wish I spent more time going through that book), a print capturing a moment from an Abramovic performance. martand khosla_ whilemakingartWorks that caught my eye included the ‘Inflection Point” series of Indian artist Martand Khosla.  This was in one of the first booths I visited, so I was still calm and still had time on my side.  Here also, familiarity with India helped ease my reading of Khosla’s work.

art basel hk _ whilemakingart 2

The artworks in the show was in an assortment of mediums.  A few examples are (from left to right) works by Paolo Pivi, Roman Ondak, and Liu Ye.

art basel hk_ whilemakingart 3

The textile works of Faig Ahmed (left: “Step Outside”) was also in Art Basel HK, as well as Pae White’s (right: “Metallics and Modules”), which was part of the show’s Encounters program. hkcec_ whilemakingart

The view of the pier from HKCEC sure felt like it was part of the art show.silverlens artbaselhk_ whilemakingart

Some of the galleries showed installations that made you slow down and pause.  These installations were often placed in strategic locations in their booths to force the crowd into a more organized path for viewing the artworks showcased.  The booth of Silverlens made use of this strategy.

green naftali artbaselhk_ whilemakingart
The installation in the booth of Green Naftali surely stopped me in my tracks.


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