5th year of Art Fair Philippines

It is the 5th year of Art Fair Philippines and its 2017 gallery roster included more galleries from abroad (Berlin, HK, NY, Singapore, Spain, Tokyo).  One gallery in Singapore, Artesan Gallery + Studio, is run by a Filipino and has operated since 2005.  Most of its featured artists are Filipinos who practice art locally and/or abroad.  Also included in the fair’s roster is a gallery from Bacolod City in Visayas, the Orange Gallery.

The fair had only been open for about an hour when I got in.  I had good timing — the crazy had not begun, the crowd was still manageable, we were all still able to observe good art exhibit etiquette while taking turns taking customary pictures of works we fancied.

I noted the use of aluminum, jute and sandpaper as canvas for a few art pieces.  As in the 2016 edition, some works of the featured artists showed strong textile influences.  In XuArtspace’s (NY/Shanghai) booth, works using different types of photography techniques were shown, including photogravure images of Man Ray’s works.

A fair share of politically themed art pieces were shown in this year’s Art Fair Philippines, top-billed by Jose Tence Ruiz’s Langue Lounge installation.

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