Notes on Singapore Creative Industries Paper

Below are my notes on the study “Subjugated in the Creative Industries: The Fine Arts in Singapore” [1] that was published in a journal in 2011:

For the case of Singapore, identity building is already forward-looking.  The government has adopted as official policy the development of the city-state as a city of the arts.  To develop its creative industries, it has increased funding for the development of art and design schools, public museums, art festivals, and concert venues.

Fine arts in Singapore have been put under the creative industries cluster.  This has resulted in changes in government policy for support for the arts.  Previously, the focus of support was toward cultural development.  Now, with the linking of economic growth to creative endeavors, which precipitated the rise of “creative industries”, the focus of support has shifted towards the pursuit of economic development.  To be eligible for state support, artists need to show proof that they are economically productive.  This policy shift has put a damper on creative endeavors that are merely “for art’s sake”.

[1] Ooi, Can-Seng: “Subjugated inthe Creative Industries”, Culture Unbound, Volume 3, 2011: 119–137. Hosted by Linköping University Electronic Press:


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